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At SEL, we believe that achieving and maintaining a well-rounded, balanced lifestyle is influenced by those closest to us. That's the idea behind our Family Center, a place that provides everything you and your family need in the pursuit of health, comfort, and happiness. Our Family Center is divided into three parts: the Wellbeing Center, Health Clinic, and Little Edisons School (LES). Individually, they offer various opportunities and services that enhance specific aspects of your life. Together, they provide a holistic approach for achieving the ideal, balanced lifestyle. No matter what your goals or needs are, our Family Center is here to provide an atmosphere that makes it easy for you and your family to lead the life you want, together.

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Every child is unique, and at the Little Edisons School (LES), our goal is to keep it that way. We offer childcare for children 12 years and under of SEL employees, and we are focused on providing them with the highest-quality educational and early developmental foundation possible.

With a variety of activities and age-specific curriculums, LES is here to make a positive and lasting impact on your child’s life.

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SEL is committed to helping you achieve your best health. That's why we created the SEL Health Clinic, which offers you convenient access to high-quality, comprehensive care.

Whether you need a primary physician, physical exam, vaccinations, weight management, or anything else, the SEL Health Clinic provides the care and assessment you want, without the copay.

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